Spruce Creek Waterfowl Farm

Specializing in Ornamental Waterfowl

                                             Welcome To Spruce Creek Waterfowl Farm


 Due to myself enrolling in college we have sold out of

almost all of

 our waterfowl, but will continue to keep this website up

 for informational purposes only.

 New For Spring 2011!


Fawn & White Runner Ducks, Welsh Harlequins, and Sebastopol Geese!

All directly from Holderread's Stock!





Spruce Creek Waterfowl currently raises 9 types of quality waterfowl. Our farm is located in Northern Ohio. A wooded area with a small creek runs right through our property, providing our domestic ducks and geese with a great place to swim.

Our Belief is that if you are going to raise an animal, it should be done the right way. For this reason, I have created this site to provide the potential and current waterfowl hobbyist with a wealth of information on caring for wild ducks.

 Quality is achieved by caring for the ducks' every need. Fresh water and food is given daily, providing them with vital nutrients for healthy growth. Because our breeding stock is raised in such a manner and the fact that it came from quality lines, the offspring will be of great quality and health, providing you with an excellent stock of waterfowl. 

We hope you choose to obtain quality waterfowl from our farm so we can continue to provide new breeds to our valued customers. We can't do it without you!


For a list of all the pages on this website, go to the Site Map. I hope you find this website helpful. If you would like to leave feedback or if you have a question, please visit the Contact Us page. Thank you for visiting!