Spruce Creek Waterfowl Farm

Specializing in Ornamental Waterfowl

2011 Price List

 Last Updated: Feb. 21, 2011

**All prices are per pair, unless otherwise noted**

**All Prices Subject To Change**

To get on the waiting list for any of these species, please e-mail me at SpruceCreekWaterfowl@Gmail.com and specify exactly what you are interested in. Orders will start being filled as the birds hatch, there are no guarantees until then.





Wood Ducks


Silver..........$150 each






Sebastopol Geese

White (SQ)..........$100

Runner Ducks

Fawn & White (SQ)..........$8 each (Straight Run)

Welsh Harlequin Ducks

(SQ)..........$8 each


Important Information

SQ- Show Quality: Not all waterfowl from SQ parents will be SQ themselves. Usually you get about three SQ birds for every ten babies. SQ parents have the genetics to produce SQ offspring, but there is no guarantee to what you will receive, only time will tell.

All prices for Domestic Fowl are for newly hatched goslings/ducklings. Prices will increase the older the birds get and the more I can judge their quality.

All prices for Exotic fowl are for adult pairs. I will not ship exotic ducklings or hatching eggs. You can buy exotic ducklings if you pick them up at the farm. Adult birds can be shipped when the weather gets cool enough to do so, usually at the end of summer.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact me at SpruceCreekWaterfowl@Gmail.com


Mt. Hope Auction (Pick Up Orders)


I attend the Mt. Hope Exotic Animal Auction every fall. It is September 16-18, 2010 in Mt. Hope, Ohio.  I will most likely sell remaining waterfowl at this sale if I haven't sold out already because of previous sales.

If you plan on going to this sale and would like top quality waterfowl from our farm, it would be of your best interest to contact me to reserve your waterfowl. I will then bring your order to Mt. Hope.