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Ringed Teal


 The Ringed Teal is a small, dabbling duck that is native to South America. They are used to tropical climates, but they can live in cold weather as long as shelter is provided.

     The male ringed teal lacks an eclipse plumage, therfore he never loses his colorful feathers and keeps his breeding plumage all year round. The male has a brown back with a pink speckled chest. He has a light tan head with a black stripe running down the back of his head. He also has a light blue bill.



The female ringed teal has an olive brown back with a brown and white breast. Both male and female have dark tails and pink legs and feet. The male has dark wings with a circular white patch on each wing. He flashes these to catch the female's attention during the breeding season. In the spring of the first year, the female will make a nest in a wood duck style nesting box. She will lay a small clutch of eggs and incubate them for about 23 days. Sometimes a second clutch will be laid also. Make sure there is enough next boxes in the aviary so bigger ducks won't drive the tiny ringed teal female away from her nest. A good rule of thumb is 2 or 3 nestboxes per pair of ducks. For example, I have 3 pairs of ducks that will use the nest boxes, so I have 6 boxes in the aviary.



The Ringed Teal is a great aviary breed as they will only breed with one another. If care is taken to keep them warm in cold climates, you should have no problem with owning this breed. 


Here you can see the male's blue bill.