Spruce Creek Waterfowl Farm

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The Netting

Our final step before releasing the ducks was to cover the aviary in netting. We bought 1" heavy knotted 25' x 50' netting from 3t Products, they are the best company that I have found for aviary netting.

When applying the netting, you should have as many people as you can help out. It should be stretched tight, but not too tight because there will be snow in the winter that will catch on it. We attached the netting by screwing a 1x2 on top of the 2x4 that frames the OSB sight barrier. The netting is sandwiched between the 1x2 and 2x4.

The Finished Aviary

Overall, we had fun building this and we think we will have to build more aviaries as we expand. If you are trying to decide which style to build, I really suggest the cold frame aviary as it is easy to build and it looks nice also.


Winter- February 2010


Here are some quotes from fellow BYC'ers (Backyard Chicken Forum members) about my aviary:

"Looks like the Garden of Eden for water fowl."  -  Debiraymond

"WOW!!! It is really, really nice!!! I love it, and I am very jealous!"  -  Violet22

"I hope there is a nice chair planned so you can sit, relax, and enjoy the view"  -  AHappyChick

"Beautiful....aviary, ducks, everything!!!!"  -  ChickenSioux


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