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Wood Ducks




The wood duck is a perching duck closely related to the Mandarin Duck. The wood duck is native to North America and is one of the most hunted ducks in the country, second to the more common mallard. The male wood duck (pictured left) is known for his iridescent breeding plumage. His head is colored with dark blue, green, purple, and white. His bill is yellow, white, and red. Many people ask,"Is the wood duck male's eyes really red or is it just the picture?"...Yes, they are really red. When startled or seperated from the female, the male makes a neat whistling sound.




The female wood duck (pictured right) closely resembles the female mandarin duck. The female wood duck has colors of mainly brown, grey, and white, but they also have some blues and purples on their backs and sides. The females will lay about one dozen eggs in or around March. She will incubate them for 28 days in a nesting box. If the eggs are taken away, she will likely lay a second clutch.

Wood ducks, like many wild ducks, form monogamous pairs. They will not breed with other breeds and they will keep the same mate year after year. Because of this, they are good to have in an aviary with other species. Wood ducks are very hardy and easy to take care of. My advice would be to start out with Mandarins and if you enjoy keeping them, move up to the North American Wood Duck.